Timothy Nathan - Instrument Rating Instructor & GA Lobbyist

4: Timothy Nathan – Instrument Rating Instructor & GA Lobbyist

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Timothy Nathan - Inspiring PilotTimothy Nathan started flying training when he was fourteen, initially funding it through washing cars.

He went on through the University Air Squadron to a Private Instrument Rated Pilot, and then climbed the professional ladder from night mail flights to flying the former UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.  After losing his job in the 1993 recession, he returned to private flying.

Timothy has a Piper Aztec, which he flies to silly (mainly very cold) places, is an Instrument Rating Instructor and lobbies extensively for General Aviation.

Starting Out

  • Timothy’s Parents introduced their son to flying at a very early age
  • As a old school boy visiting the local Airfield, Timothy helped out where he could in return for being taken up for flights.  This fuelled his desire want to learn to fly.
  • 14 year old Timothy started washing cars to earn money to pay for flying lessons.
  • 3 year laters and only 10 hours to his name, Dad stepped in and payed for the remainder of the course. Timothy soloed on his 17th birthday and gained his licence 6 weeks later!

Initial Training Challenges

  • Timothy’s first instructor had the unusual trait of beating his dog whenever a student made a mistake!  As you can imagine this added another level of stress on the young Timothy.  The instructors dog did however become a good friend of Timothy’s when the beatings finally stopped!

Timothy Nathan - Inspired Pilot InterviewThe Aircraft Types

Best Flying Advice

  • In the event of a dire emergency, stop and wind the clock.  In other words, don’t react immediately.  Stop, slow down, see what’s going on and then deal with it.

The Journey

  • Timothy Nathan HS125 - Inspired PilotUniversity Air Squadron
  • Gained his IR Rating as a private pilot
  • Left his unfulfilling Management Consultant job in London to gain his Professional Pilot qualifications.
  • First professional job was flying night mail runs delivering British newspapers to Europe.
  • Air Taxis in Piper Chieftains.
  • Air Charter in Cessna 404s.
  • Air Charter in the HS 125 Business Jet – VVIP’s, Pop Stars, Cabinet Ministers including Former UK Prime Minister , Lady Margaret Thatcher.

Current Flying.

  • IR and MEP flight training in other people’s aircraft.
  • Extensive lobbying for General Aviation.
  • ‘Game’ for Fun Aviation Challenges!?

Proudest Flying Moment

  • Flying his Piper Aztec to the North Pole.

Inspired Pilot - Timothy Nathan Ice Cap

Future Plans & Aspirations

  • To fly around the world at 80′ North.
  • Fly around the world North to South.
  • Fly over the South Pole.

Flying Internet Resource

PPL/IR Europe is open to any pilot who is interested in operating light aircraft under IFR in Europe. We now have over 400 members, most of whom are private pilots with current Instrument Ratings, but some members are still working on, or considering, this rating, and a number of commercial and airline pilots are also members.

Best Aviation Book

Two months before the outbreak of the Second World War, seventeen-year-old Geoffrey Wellum becomes a fighter pilot with the RAF . . .

Desperate to get in the air, he makes it through basic training to become the youngest Spitfire pilot in the prestigious 92 Squadron. Thrust into combat almost immediately, Wellum finds himself flying several sorties a day, caught up in terrifying dogfights with German Me 109s.

Favourite Cockpit Gadget

  • Apple iPad – Tablet Computer From Apple.
  • Skydemon – SkyDemon is one of Europe’s most popular solutions for VFR flight planning and in-flight navigation.

Interview Links

  • You can contact Timothy via Facebook, via the PPL/IR forum or via his email address by clicking HERE ( timothy AT tdn.email ).
  • Project Propeller – Where Today’s Pilots Meet WWII RAF Air Crew


Inspiring Pilot Timothy Nathan