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17: Owen Zupp – Airline Pilot, Author & Blogger

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What does it take to become a pilot? Join us as Owen Zupp gives us insight into his inspiring pilot journey.Owen Zupp Inspired Pilot Podcast Epiosde 17 Profile

Owen Zupp’s passion for flight began in childhood and he now possesses over 17,000 hours on a wide range of aircrafts. Owen’s career has included remote region charter flying and flights instruction, international ferry flights, flight testing, and the airlines.

He holds a master’s degree in aviation and his writings on the subject have been widely published. Beyond the cockpit, Owen has offered four books, and the popular website, the Pilot’s blog at www.thepilotsblog.com.

Starting OutOwen Zupp and Phil Zupp Inspired Pilot Podcast Episode 17 Side

  • His father was a fighter plane pilot and flight instructor for the RAAF back in the 50’s so the roots of aviation is embedded deeply in his blood.
  • Owen has vivid memories of his childhood, creating airplanes out of cardboard boxes and swinging on clotheslines pretending that he was a pilot inside a cockpit.
  • Worked as a paramedic to pay for his flight training.

Initial Training Challenges

  • The ability to finance his flight training on a consistent basis.

The Aircraft Types

Best Flying Advice

  • Remain focused on the task, don’t get distracted, what is the problem and prioritise.

The JourneyOwen Zupp and Phil Zupp Inspired Pilot Podcast Episode 17 Side 2

  • His father shared priceless knowledge about aviation when Owen was just learning how to fly. He acquired his PPL, CPL, multi-engine, IR, and Flight Instructor rating with his father’s guidance
  • It was one of Owen’s goal then to just fly and then eventually fly for a career.
  • Worked at the Royal Aero Club as an instructor -a dream come true for Owen.
  • Experienced flying over exotic places such as the Australian outback and New Guinea as a charter pilot.
  • His transition to airlines eventually happened after completing ground training for Ansett Australia.
  • Acquired a master’s degree in aviation and enjoyed writing as his second job
  • Became a full-fledged author of numerous published articles and aviation books.

Current Flying

  • Excited with the completion of his A320 conversion after flying Boeing for so many years.
  • Book projects underway which is a great outlet away from work and keeps his life balanced.
  • Taking his kids out for a bike ride.

Proudest Flying Moment Owen Zupp Inspired Pilot Podcast Episode 17 Side 3

  • First solo and having the feeling of being alone in the airplane, while downwind and looking at the runway on his left, empty seat on the right, and thinking he was finally flying the airplane on his own.

Future Plans & Aspirations

  • Wants a more broad exposure to flying also, to thoroughly enjoy his time on the A320.

Flying Internet Resource

Best Aviation Book

Touching, thoughtful, and dead honest, To Fly and Fight is the story of a boy who grew up living his dream. During World War II Anderson flew with Chuck Yeager in the famed 357th Squadron where he became a triple ace by shooting out of the sky fifteen enemy planes. Following World

War II, Anderson became a test pilot and later commanded jet fighter squadrons in South Korea and Okinawa. Then, in 1970, at an age when most pilots have long-since retired, Anderson flew combat strikes over Vietnam.

Favourite Cockpit Gadget

  • Apple iPad – used for performance calculations and has to be certified and ratified before permitted use on the flightdeck.

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